Tuesday, June 12, 2007


paris hilton eating
A last little bit of tasty treat before eating ice cream out of an entirely different kind of 'cone' Har! har! har! tossed salad prison joke for the win!!

Photo courtesy: x17online.com


Anonymous said...

Paris is selling some things on eBay now http://tinyurl.com/36rqqq
there are really cheap things on here!!!

Anonymous said...

Well this is better then her licking another cock.....

Anonymous said...

She soooooo dumb. Here's Why:
1. She read the Bible "everday", but can't remember one verse.
2. After her "Traumatizing" ordeal in jail in which she's become a "better" person, she'd "most want to change" her Voice!
3. Doesn't she know that Black Raspberry is the best Ice Cream Flavor?

Anonymous said...

hello everybody i'm french and i love paris hilton because she loves life and she enjoys oneself so that's final!!!!!!

Alex said...

You heard it here, folks