Saturday, May 06, 2006

George W Bush and June Cleaver

george bush eating

NACHOS! HEEEE-HAWW! I like all the people at W's back, like he's just found the nachos of mass destruction.


Valerie said...

Omg, what is going on in this picture?!

Anonymous said...

Looks like nachos dipped in diarrhea that was passed from curry, wtf looks disgussting but he seems to like it!!! lol

Anonymous said...

This is great! G.W. loves nachos! Not surprising. I just posted a blog article about this on my site:

Anonymous said...

Wow, he eats like a human, even though he is a two-time election thief. Next year he is out of the White House, thank God. lol He should have an affair with Mila Kunis or another 24 year old celebrity and show them how "Texans from Maine" eat nachos.